Market Analysis

Foundation of your investment decisions

You want to invest in new markets? Are you planning to expand your production sites or diversify your product portfolio? We can support you in the entire decision-making process by preparing specific country, market and industry analyses tailored to your needs, carrying out well-founded international benchmarks of the preferred destinations or evaluating the potential demand for your products in new markets.

The core of the analysis is the well-founded comparison of potential production or customer markets on the basis of our global Regional Economic Analysis database. Differentiated data on population, economic structure, economic performance, innovation activities, geographical location, taxation and quality of life are available for more than 1500 regions worldwide. Based on these regional benchmark analyses, BAK Business Consulting develops decision bases and recommendations for action.

We analyse your current and potential production sites
Your current production sites can be compared and measured on the basis of internal key data. These figures say nothing about future performance, because the structural potential of a region only becomes apparent when economic performance and location factors, such as taxation, innovation, productivity development and quality of life, are identified. The international analysis of regional strengths and weaknesses enables you to make this well-founded and consistent comparison. In addition to the location factors, very differentiated economic structure analyses can be used to identify the sectors and branches of industry in which the respective region is doing particularly well or developing worse than its competitors.

We analyse your future markets
The decision for a market development must be well planned and prepared, otherwise one is driven by the herd and comes too late. Together with you, we develop a shortlist of suitable candidates and draw up a well-founded catalogue of criteria, for example according to size, population density, economic structure, innovation activities, geographical location and special features such as an important port. This provides you with a consistent strategic decision-making basis. The success of this strategy can also be evaluated through regular monitoring.

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