Price Analysis

Damage assessment in antitrust and competition proceedings

Economic damage and claims for damages play an increasing role in antitrust and competition law disputes and arbitration proceedings. Governments and international institutions such as the European Commission, for example, resolutely support private actions for damages in cases of competition law misconduct. The aim is to encourage cartel victims to take legal action against the damage they have suffered, for example, as a result of price agreements.
In order to quantify and justify the amount of the claim for damages or the position in arbitration proceedings, companies and the law firms consulted need competition economic expert opinions in order to quantify the economic damage incurred. BAK Business Consulting provides the necessary methodological knowledge as well as the technical and economic data basis. Our experts have the necessary expertise and consulting skills to provide economic support for the often legally justified argumentation chains.

BAK Business Consulting offers

  • Pricing - adequate market prices, dumping, displacement
  • Market definition - factually, geographically and, if applicable, temporally relevant market definition
  • Competition analysis - market dominance, competitive efficiency forecasts
  • Market entry analysis - assessment of market barriers, potential competition
  • Yield Management - Optimization of supply and prices according to willingness to pay
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