Risk scenarios

Sound valuation of your options

The imponderables for corporate planning processes have increased significantly in recent years. While there is no shortage of forecasts and macroeconomic analyses, these projections or qualitative risk assessments do less and less justice to the complex and highly volatile realities.

In order to meet the increased challenges, new forecasting and analysis instruments are required which show the sensitivities of their business plans and investment decisions to parameters deviating from the basic assumptions. It is about the question of what certain international developments (North Africa, the euro crisis, economic development in Asia, interest rate policy in the USA) mean for your production locations and sales markets. How dependent are you on external developments, what can you influence yourself? Are you exposed to a cluster risk due to exposure to a market that gives you a high return on a very high risk or are you exposed to several controllable and controllable risks?

With our model-based scenario analyses we provide you with an appropriate and versatile tool. We combine the advantages of qualitative scenarios and analyses with the data world. You thus benefit from two central advantages: analytical competence in the development of scenario setups and the concrete quantification of the characteristic on economic parameters.

The range of services extends from simple access to regularly created standard scenarios to scenario analyses tailored to your specific needs, differentiated according to a large number of countries, sectors, markets and key figures.

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