Who asks, wins!

Base your business strategy and your product portfolio on the statements of your customers, association members or stakeholders.

We transform your questions into a scientifically based questionnaire, conduct the survey and analyse the answers. We prepare the results according to the target group, refine them in a high-quality report and present them to your board of directors or executive committee. Our technical platform guarantees anonymity and the highest level of data protection.


Some current examples:


National risks

  • What does the strength of the Swiss franc mean for the production location?
  • When will the shortage of skilled workers affect me?
  • Bilateral agreements and the risks for my exports?
  • Implementation of the energy transition - what does that mean for my production?

International risks

  • When will my European markets recover?
  • Consequences of weak demand in China for my customers
  • Russia and Eastern Europe - how safe are my investors?
  • How is the Free Trade Agreement with China changing the demand for my products?