Who are we?

The fact-based management consultancy

Nowadays, information alone is worth nothing. The fast and intelligent analysis and evaluation of the relevant information offers the decisive competitive advantage. We reduce complexity, provide a basis for decision-making and provide orientation in uncertain times.

BAK  Business Consulting is the consulting arm of BAK Economics. We provide scientifically sound advice for your company. You benefit in two ways, i.e. from the scientific foundation and the company-oriented preparation. The results can be immediately integrated into your risk management and decision-making processes.

BAK Business Consulting positions itself at the interface between science and practice. Just as well-founded scientific methods are the basis of our work, the practical preparation of our investigations is of central importance to us. The high acceptance of our studies in politics is based on the one hand on the scientific reputation of BAK Economics AG. On the other hand, it is based on the fact that the focus and presentation of our studies are oriented towards the practicability of the findings gained. We thus guarantee our clients projects of high scientific quality, which can be used directly for the strategic process and business decisions.

Stefan Rupp

Head of BAK Business Consulting


T +41 44 521 58 58

BAK Business Consulting
T +41 44 521 58 58
E-Mail: consult(at)bak-economics.com